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My Attitude To Henrietta Lacks - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 342 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2019/08/07 Category Medicine Essay Level High school Tags: Henrietta Lacks Essay Did you like this example? The Henrietta cells survived they have been used in labs for 65 years. Lacks got cancer in 1951. Henrietta lacks cells had multiple cells of human papillomavirus.The virus entered her cells and turned off the gene that would normally have turned off tumors. While working on lacks cells they understand viruses can turn off tumors. In 1960 henrietta cells were fused with mouse cells. It had been eighty-five years since the Civil War ended for American culture in the 1950s. Society was rife with segregation and inequality as if paying homage to a pre Emancipation Proclamation status quo. Slavery had since been abolished, but not the idea that free black men and women were any more their equals evident by the treatment of blacks across the country. In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot brings to life this world where black men and women are kept separate from white society by telling the story of Henrietta Lacks, a poor tobacco farmer whose cervical cancer changed the face of science and medicine forever. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "My Attitude To Henrietta Lacks" essay for you Create order I do not think it was ethical for the doctors to just take Henriettas cells without letting her family know. She did sign an operation permit which said I hereby give consent to the staff of The John Hopkins Hospital to perform any operative procedures and under any anesthetic either local Deborahs brothers, though, didnt think much about the cells until they found out there was money involved. HeLa cells were the first human biological materials ever bought and sold, which helped launch a multi-billion-dollar industry. When Deborahs brothers found out that people were selling vials of their mothers cells, and that the family didnt get any of the resulting money, they got very angry. Henriettas family has lived in poverty most of their lives, and many of them cant afford health insurance. One of her sons was homeless and living on the streets of Baltimore. So the family launched a campaign to get some of what they felt they were owed financially. It consumed their lives in that way.

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Harriet Tubman One Of The Most Essential Leaders - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 923 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2019/05/31 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Harriet Tubman Essay Did you like this example? Harriet Tubman: The Moses of Her People and Her Struggle for Freedom The period of history leading up to the Civil War was one of turmoil and immense change- politically, socially, and economically- in the United States. With the war on the brink, many influential people arose during this time of conflict to take a stand and voice their opinions. During this period there was a particularly prominent, if not the most prominent, abolitionist woman by the name of Harriet Tubman. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Harriet Tubman: One Of The Most Essential Leaders" essay for you Create order Tubman was responsible for the freedom of over 300 slaves through the Underground Railroad. Due to her bravery, leadership, and selflessness, Harriet Tubman was one of the most prolific leaders in the struggle to end American slavery. Because she was a brave and determined woman, Harriet Tubman freed hundreds of slaves during her time on the Underground Railroad, even though this work came with great risk and danger. As one man by the name of Levi Coffin put it,â€Å"Abolitionists were very unpopular characters at that time, both in religious and political associations, and many who favored the principles of abolitionism lacked the moral courage to face public opinion,† (Coffin) Utilizing a highly intelligent and effective system called the Underground Railroad developed by abolitionists, Harriet Tubman was able to save hundreds of men, women, and children from slavery. There were great risks to her work, but Tubman saw it as her calling and was eager to help those who needed her. She was so prolific, she was addressed as Moses, â€Å"Her name was Harriet Tubman, they said, but she was better known as Moses. A namesake of the biblical prophet who had brought his people out of bondage and into the Promised Land, Tubman had led more of her brethren out of Egypt—as she called the slaveholding South—than any other person, black or white, male or female, in American history,† (Scott King and Taylor). Tubman was known as â€Å"the Moses of her people,† because of her work leading others to freedom. As told by the Bible, â€Å"He (Moses) helped bring the Israelites out of slavery and leads them for the next four decades,†. We can see why she would be called this, as she led her people from slavery to freedom. Just as Moses led the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, Tubman led black slaves out of slavery in the South. Another thing that could be said about Harriet Tubman is that she was brave. â€Å"Harriet Tubman always carried a revolver on the Underground Railroad, and she was always ready to use it. â€Å"‘She could not read or write, but she had military genius,†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ a contemporary said of her,† () This further proves Tubman’s bravery and willingness to lay her life on the line to help her people. She was willing to sacrifice so much and out herself at the forefront of danger for the people she was freeing. In a letter written from Frederick Douglas, a prominent abolitionist leader at the time, to Harriet Tubman, Douglas praises Tubman’s character, comparing her to night and himself to day, referencing societys failure to recognize Tubman and her achievements. He says, â€Å"The difference between us is very marked. Most that I have done and suffered in the service of our cause has been in public, and I have received much encouragement at every step of t he way. You, on the other hand, have labored in a private way. I have wrought in the day—you in the night.† Frederick Douglas, another notable abolitionist throughout the civil war, acknowledges all the substantial work she has done. Praise from someone with a reputation of such a high caliber means that Tubman was not a lost figure in history. Her work being honored by a man with the status that Frederick Douglas further proves how influential and important Tubman was in the fight to end slavery and free those enslaved. One can also see how influential Harriet Tubman was by the bounty put on her head. If she had been some low level, unknown person, the price would have been much lower. However, â€Å"Tubman continued to help slaves toward freedom without any consideration of the consequences of being caught. The authorities and slave owners were so desperate to catch her that at one point there was a $40,000 reward for her capture,†. () Her work was so important and well known, there was an extremely high price, especially for the time period, on her head. To be exact, â€Å" $40, 000 in 1865 is equivalent in purchasing power to $601,521.47 in 2017,†. () Even with a bounty of over half a million dollars in today’s times, she did not stop her work. All of those opposed to freeing slaves were looking for her, yet she continued on. This amount of money recognizes how important she was to the abolitionist movement and how much of a leader she was. Harriet Tubman was one of the most essential leaders in the movement to free slaves and a huge part of the Underground Railroad. During her time working, Tubman led over 300 slaves to freedom, including her own family members. She was called â€Å"Moses† because of her role as a guide in the struggle for freedom, and she wore this title proudly. The name Harriet Tubman was a name met with trust, respect, and admiration because of her daunting work. She never lost a passenger, and this fact was very important to her. Harriet Tubman gave hundreds of previously enslaved persons a second chance at a new life: one free of enslavement, and instead filled with hope.

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The Catastrophe of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Free Essays

On April 26 1986, the reactor Unit 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was not working properly. When workers tried to fix this problem in reactor 4 by shutting down the its power regulating system and its emergency safety systems, this caused the most serious and dangerous accident in the history of nuclear power generation. The Chernobyl accident released large amounts of radioactive materials into in the atmosphere, which were carried by air currents. We will write a custom essay sample on The Catastrophe of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant or any similar topic only for you Order Now Soon after this catastrophe, these radioactive materials were spread by the wind over many countries, which polluted their atmosphere. The release of radioactivity had a deadly effect on people’s health and the environment; thus, before building such a plant, safety and emergency procedures must be guaranteed. The radioactive materials, which have been released from the accident, affected people’s health for several years. The Russian government admitted the release of radioactivity, when the Swedish monitoring stations reported abnormal high levels of wind transported radioactivity as clarified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The government had to evacuate many areas and declare it as a † Forbidden zone † to protect people from radioactivity. Initially the accident caused the death of 32 people(B. Hummer,Nils â€Å"Chernobyl the accident† – http//:bcf. usc. edu/meshkati/chernobyl. html). The radioactive materials released from this accident are 200 times as much radioactivity as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions (Dahl,Birgitta â€Å"The Chornobyl Nuclear Disaster† http//:scf. usc. edu/~melan). Its human death losses and the amount of the radiation released into the environment, raised a large number of problems not only for the treatment of severely exposed persons, but also The decisions that had to be taken considering the population. Thus, the number of people who were suffering from cancer was increasing and the number of thyroid cancers among children also increased in the most affected area: Belarus, Ukraine and Russia (Encyclopedia of Britannica online). Indeed, for several years, babies were born deformed and thousands were suffering from illnesses and cancer (which takes 8 to 10 years to appear), scientists and doctors were alerted because after only four years thyroid cancer increased much more than their expectations and its growth was more quickly than they expected and its pattern was different from the patterns known till now (Specter,M. Willy â€Å"The Three Mile Island and Chernobyl nuclear power accidents† `The New York Times`, Sunday march 31,1996). All these factors have increased diseases among the people living in the exposed area and the workers involved in clearing the site after the accident. In my opinion, it is extremely difficult to imagine the psychological effects of Chernobyl accident on the people who experienced it. In addition, this emotional stress and other psychological factors are the main possible cause of people’s illnesses after the accident and in the future. The radiation did not only affect people’s health but it polluted the environment and the territories beside the reactor. The area beside Chernobyl was heavily polluted because 70% of the radioactive substances fell on it (Encyclopedia of Britannica online). As stated by Najmedin Meshkati, a nuclear scientist; â€Å"The most dangerous thing was the food pollution (cesium, strontium, plutonium and americium) in milk and meat products are with concentration several hundred times higher than pre accident levels and often above the permitted levels and it will not disappear before 300 years†. Although, people know that these regions are heavily polluted and that meat and milk products have accumulated high quantities of radioactive substances, more than 1. 8 million people are still living there (Specter,M. Willy â€Å"The Three Mile Island and Chernobyl nuclear power accidents† `The New York Times`, Sunday march 31,1996). They drink radioactive fluids, eat radioactive substance (cesium131) will stay in the food and liquids and will not disappear completely before 300 years†. The consequences of these substances will not be noticed but after many years and it will not only affect the present generation but also the future generation. To insure maximum safety, emergency systems should be guaranteed before building any nuclear power plant. Thus, authorities must not ignore the possibility of the occurrence of an accident. The failure of workers to identify the problem between the systems to insure safety, and their failure to cooperate with each other is unacceptable. Workers must be trained to deal with real emergency situations in order to respond fast and to control it. However, after Chernobyl, solutions to insure the safety of large-scale technological systems have fallen into the categories of management and cost control (B. Hummer,Nils â€Å"Chernobyl the accident† -http//:bcf. usc. edu/meshkati/chernobyl. html). The cost to clean up the mess caused by the nuclear power plants are much more expensive than to install a new emergency system. Thus, the cost to maintain safety is negligible compared to the cost, which they have to pay if an accident happened. Moreover, authorities must be strict concerning the regulations of nuclear power plants. Many improvements in radiation protection and emergency preparations have been made, possible by the Chernobyl experience (Encyclopedia of Britannica online). The lessons drawn from the Chernobyl accident are valuable: human’s life is precious. Thus, human must learn from their mistakes and know how to prevent their happening especially if these mistakes may cost innocent people’s lives. An accident such as the catastrophe of Chernobyl is a descrase for humanity, that’s why we cannot afford such mistakes again. Because some mistakes are unforgiving. How to cite The Catastrophe of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Essay examples

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Business and Corporation Law Australian Council of Law

Question: Describe about the Business and Corporation Law for Australian Council of Law. Answer: 1: Contract: An exchange of promise between the parties which is legally binding on the parties is known as contract. A promise made by one party to another party to do something or refrain from doing something and in exchange another party promise to do something or refrain from doing something. In Australia following elements are necessary for valid contract: Agreement- agreement is an important element for valid contract which includes offer, acceptance and also involves meeting of minds. Offer: there is no particular form of offer. It is a communication between the two persons, one party promise to do something if the other party to whom offer is given do or not do something. There is a company named Carbolic Smoke Ball Co which engaged in the production of carbolic smoke ball. Carbolic smoke ball is produced so that users can be prevented from influenza or disease which is similar in nature. An advertisement is issued by the company in which company grant reward of 100 pounds to any person who used the ball for two weeks at least 3 times a day by following the directions given to the user with the ball and even after using the ball suffering from the disease influenza, disease which is similar in nature or any disease caused by taking cold. By showing their sincerity company deposited amount of 1000 pounds with the Alliance Bank, Regent Street. Mrs Louisa Elizabeth Carlill, after seeing this advertisement purchased the ball and used it as per the directions from 20/11/1891 to 17/01/1892, even after using the balls as per directions she caught with the disease of influenza. She claimed for the reward which is mention in advertisement issued by the company and company refuses to pay the reward. Mrs Louisa Elizabeth Carlill sued the copany for award. Court held that award must be granted to Mrs carlill and company is bound to pay her because there is a valid contract between both the parties which includes offer (advertisement issued by company), acceptance (mrs carlill performed the conditions mention in the offer). All the essential elements of valid offer are mentioned, offer is made to the whole world, and company is sincere about the offer it was not mere a sales advertisement language of offer is clear. There is valid acceptance also because Mrs. carlill perform the directions mention in advertisement and there is no need to communicate the intention to the company. Consideration is an essential element of a valid contract, in this case problems suffered by Mrs Carlill is a sufficient consideration (Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co, n.d.) Acceptance- it is a statement by the person to whom offer is made for agreeing to the offer. It can be done orally, in written form or by conduct. Government of WA offered a reward which is monetary in nature to the person who gives information which results in arrest of people who are involved in the offence of the murder of police officers. Clarke was arrested by the police officers in charge of the murders and he made a statement which helps the police officers and his statement results in arrest of other person who involved in the case. After released from the custody of the police officers he claimed for the reward. In this case court held that no reward is grant to the clark from the government because he gave information for his own security, to secure his own release and not as response to the offer made by the government. There is no effective acceptance in this case (crown v Clarke, n.d.) Consideration- it is very essential element of a valid contract. Consideration means price paid by the parties in exchange of a promise. In many places consideration is not essential for valid contract, it is valid if it is binding on parties but in common law consideration must be present in contract otherwise it is not binding on parties, it must be in some kind it is a price determined by the promiser. It need not be in monetary terms or it can be in monetary terms as well. Consideration requires some damage on part of promise. For example in case of carlill court held that there is a proper consideration because Mrs. carlill suffer sufficient damage from using the balls of Carbolic Smoke Ball Co received and court conclude that even company also had benefit by sales. It is required that consideration must give by the promise and received by the promise. Consideration can be anything but it must not be illegal. There must be some value of the consideration in the eyes of the law. Intention intention of the parties must be to create legal relations. Capacity- for a valid contract parties must have contractual capacity. Following persons are not capable for a valid contract nad those are person who is mentally challenged, minor, bankrupts, etc. (Australian contract law, n.d.). There are three essential elements of a valid contract: offer, acceptance consideration. In this case Jane made an offer to jack for giving her sports car Jack accepts the offer. In this contract offer is there acceptance is there but there is no consideration, therefore it is not a valid contract. In contract law consideration is the compulsory for an enforceable contract. It is necessary for each party to the contract that is promisor and promisee and they must receive some benefit from the contract and also suffer any loss due to contract, any kind of damage and benefit related to contract can be considered as consideration. In case of Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co court held that there is a proper consideration because Mrs. carlill suffer sufficient damage from using the balls of Carbolic Smoke Ball Co received and court conclude that even company also had benefit by sales. In this case only market value of the car that is $25000 is given but consideration is not given. Consideration is not present in this contract therefore Jack cannot enforce the contract. As abovementioned valid contract is one in which offer, acceptance and consideration is present and in this case Jane offers to give her sports car for $ 25000 to Jack and Jack accepts the offer, therefore it is a valid contract and jack can enforce the contract. Jane offers her car to Jack for $25000 that is consideration which is present in the contract. Consideration must be in nature that it moves from the promisee to the promisor. Consideration must be stipulate by promisor, consideration is not valid if it is decided by the promisee, but consideration decided by promisor must be legal. As we mention consideration must not be illegal and any illusionary undertaking is not falling under the definition of good consideration. It can be well understand with the case Biotechnology Australia Pty Ltd v Pace in which pace sign a contract with the company in which company gives him option to participate in the scheme initiated by the company for the senior staff that is known as equity sharing scheme, but at the time or during the employment period of pace there is no such scheme issued by the company. pace sued the company for breach. Main issue in the case is whether consideration is illusionary and in this court held consideration is considered illusionary if it payment depends on the discretion of promisor (Biotechnology Australia Pty Ltd v Pace, n.d.) In this case Jane offers her car for $ 2500 to Jack and Jack accepts the offer. In this contract there is offer, acceptance and consideration is present therefore it is an enforceable agreement. Market value of car is $ 25000 but Jane offers this car to Jack for $ 2500. Consideration for which car offers to jack is less than the market value of car but this reason does not results in invalidation of contract. As per contract act consideration must be legal and it has some market value. This statement can be understand with the help of case law that is Chappel v Nestle in which nestle make an advertisement for the promotion of chocolate sales in which company give record to the person who submit 3 chocolate wrappers and money. Main issue in the case was that whether chocolate wrappers are part of consideration or not. Lord Somervell of harrow held that condition for submitting the chocolate wrappers are part of the consideration. it is clearly shown in the advertisement that wrappers get hit recordings. Company argued that a wrapper has no value but court held it irrelevant. It is clear from the discussion that consideration can be anything stipulated by promisor (Chappell Co Ltd v Nestle Co Ltd, n.d.). So it is clear from the above example that if consideration is legal and less than the market value then the contract is valid and can be enforced by Jack. 2: It is necessary that parties to the contract mutually agreed on the terms and conditions of contract. Consent of the parties to the contract is must be genuine. Where genuine consent is not mention in the contract then the contract is not binding upon the parties. Following are the points from which consent is affected: Mistake-contract can be executed in case if mistake can be ignored by the parties and there is no effect on the execution of contract. But in case if mistake effect the execution of contract then in such case contract is void or voidable. Examples of such mistakes are: common mistake, mutual mistake, unilateral mistake Non est factum. False statements- as the name defines consequences of false statements are serious. Consequences flow on the seriousness of false statements. There are two factors which determine the level of seriousness in false statements which are : The false statement: a condition or a warranty? Or what type of false statement was made? There are three types of false statements: Fraudulent mispresentation Innocent mispresentation negligent misrepresentation Duress- when person enters into a contract but there is no free will and he enters under some threat. In case of duress there is no free will of the party for the contract. Such violence may be of some economic nature also. Undue influence-in this one party which is dominant takes advantage of weaker party. In this weaker party suffers disadvantage of specific nature (The Law Handbook 2016, n.d.). In this case the main issue is that whether buyer would succeed in recovering the extra amount paid or he can claim any relief by way of return. Buyer claimed that money paid by him was under protest and no mutual consent is present. It is stated that buyer is not freely give his will for the payment of extra amount to the shipbuilder. This case involves question of duress. Before discussing this case there is a very similar case North Ocean Shipping Co Ltd v Hyundai Construction Co Ltd[1979] in which facts are similar: MOCATTA J held that a particular amount was finalized as consideration. Later on, due to the devaluation of US dollar, the parties agreed that the consideration be raised there is a mutual agreement between the parties on the terms of consideration which is increased. So the validity of contract cannot be questioned on the basis of mutual agreement. There is a shared understanding between the parties, terms of contract were changed when parties agreed to the change. Next point considered by court is duress in which it was held that threat to break the contract can be considered as economic duress and any contract in which economic duress is present then such contract id void or voidable(North Ocean Shipping co ltd v Hyundai construction co ltd and another the atlantic baron, n.d.) In our current case buyer demand relief on the basis of economic duress which is a reasonable ground but court does not grant the relief to the buyer because of ignorance on the part of the buyer. Judge held that when contract is on the basis of economic duress, buyer had to take actions on immediate basis. The delay in filing for relief proves that economic duress is not present in the case. Therefore court refused the claim of the buyer. References: Australian Contract Law. Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co, Court of Appeal [1893] 1 QB 256; [1892] EWCA Civ 1. Retrieved on 20th august from: Australian Contract Law. Crown v Clarke. . Retrieved on 20th august from: Australian Contract Law. Overview of Australian Contract Law. Retrieved on 20th august from: Doyles. Biotechnology Australia P/L V. Pace (1988) 15 NSWLR 130. Retrieved on 20th august from: North Ocean Shipping Co Ltd V Hyundai Construction Co Ltd And Another The Atlantic Baron. Retrieved on 20th august from: The Law Handbook 2016. Elements of a contract. Retrieved on 20th august from: Webstroke law. Chappel v Nestle [1960]. Retrieved on 20th august from:

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Science and Technology free essay sample

Teachers and my dear friends, Science and Technology today, are a synonym for life, every aspect of it is governed by science. The mechanization has reduced human beings to robots. Our activities, our action, even our thoughts are scientific now. Albert Einstein once said â€Å"It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure. The forces of nature which inspired awe and horror in the minds of our fore fathers have since been harnessed to serve us rather than govern us. Rains, floods, diseases, epidemics, endemics no longer frighten us. We do not fear and worship them now, we do not consider them gods but simple phenomena of nature which can be made to serve us or which can be avoided easily. This is what Science has taught us. We will write a custom essay sample on Science and Technology or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page To be logical in our reasoning and channelise our thoughts. Science has made the world smaller, time and distance have almost lost their significance. We can see, hear, and speak from incredibly long distances. Vast oceans, great deserts, dense forests are no impediments in the way of travelling across them. Journey by land, sea and air has been made easier, more comfortable, quicker and safer. About a thousand miles an hour is a common thing. We can travel under the sea, in the air, on the land and now across millions of miles through space. The wheel is still known as one of the most important inventions of science and I am certain all of us at some point of time have studied an entire chapter on the Whell in our Social Science lesson. Internet, Computer, Telephone, Television, Telescope, Telegraph, Tele printer, Communication satellites, Aeroplanes, Submarines, magnificent dignified Ocean Liners, Printing presses, cloth mills and other modern factories are some of the marvels of modern age which have revolutionized travel, communication, and life styles. Man has reached the moon not once but as many as six times! Lunar landings will soon become a thing of past. Human unmanned spacecrafts have already landed on Mars. Cinematograph television, photography, video, digital photography, CD players made life delightful, entertaining, enlightening and amusing whereas computers, Tele printers, automation, electric heaters, coolers, electric iron, air conditioners, refrigerators, cold storage have made life happier, more comfortable and worth living! Science has helped eradication of many diseases and provided protection against almost all the incurable diseases. In the earlier days fan following was limited to sending fan mail to the stars and hoping that the letter reaches their hands. The end result was never known. Today with the click of a mouse we can follow Simorelli on Twiiter on Instagram and have them follow you back –all done in a matter of few seconds. Huge machines are working day in and day out to manufacture things which make our lies pleasant and charming and comfortable. Only drawback here is that the designs are not custom made and it I very possible that the dress you bought from Forever 21 is the same one your friend already has in her cupboard. There is other side of picture also. Science has its darker aspect as well. Sophisticated weapons of war—tanks, destroyers, torpedoes, bombs, machine guns, guided missiles, atom bombs, hydrogen bombs etc. have wrought havoc on the world and caused innocent people to suffer from these atrocities of ferocious aspect of science. It can be said that science has not made life peaceful rather it has made life more hasty, hurried, worried, restless; men and women have been too inquisitive and too rash. No doubt science has helped lengthen the life span, decreased the death and increased the birth rates so much so that new means have to be devised to keep a check on the growing population of the country. Science is like a beautiful toy, a beautiful useful instrument, tool which if used carefully and cautiously is a boon, and if not is a curse of God, on the ill users, abusers of science. Summing up, it can be said that like everything, science and technology also have their brighter and the darker aspects but doubtless even the staunchest pessimist cannot help confirm that gains we have gained from science outweigh the losses, uses outnumber the harmful aspects. Science is like a diamond which surpasses all the myths in the world. It is because of the science that we are what we are today. Thank you. Science and Technology free essay sample The things I learned in Soctec I have learned many things in Soctec. It was a fun course. There are many topics we tackled about science such as the science itself as a form of knowledge and as a mode of inquiry and science as a social construction. Overall, this subject made some changes in me. The things I learned will guide me and prepare me for my future. This course inspired me to do my best as a future scientist. There are many significant ideas I have learned and encountered in Soctec such as the importance of earning science, technology and the effect of these to the society. Learning science is necessary. From an early age, we interact with our environment, asking questions and seeking answers. This question-and-answer process lies at the heart of knowing and doing science. It is a way of knowing and thinking about the natural and physical components of the world in which we live. We will write a custom essay sample on Science and Technology or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Through this Soctec class, science was the main tool used to inspire us physics students by tackling and discussing the fundamentals on to the deep scientific topics. Second, why should we study technology? Technology is a product of studying science deeply. Almost every aspect of our daily life such as food, health care, transport, communications, entertainment, our environment uses technology. It is constantly evolving and is changing the way we look at things and how we do things. Moreover, how does science and technology affect the everyday living of people? Like I said, science and technology are correlated. Nowadays, computer is the most useful and popular invention to every eople. Some may say that they cant do anything without a computer. Well, in fact it is true because computer makes life more enjoyable and through this, we may be able to discover and explore new things. Using computer is like an adventure. It provides us all the information and is used to solve mathematical calculations. Through science and technology, it is easier for us to communicate other people. It is also significant in the field of business because transactions and other events are done through the computer. Science and technology let every people live in an easy and modern life. It opens the door and allows people to enter into a new world which is fully developed and well civilized. Science and technology is not giving us only the positive side but it also has its disadvantages that truly affect human life. If we look around the surroundings, it is so crowded, polluted and damaged which is caused mainly by the existence of invented technologies throughout the world. Its existence totally affects our mother earth and our natural environment is replaced by new big uildings and factories that are managed by technology- based owners. In conclusion, these arent all the things I have learned from this fun class. Attitude wise, this class made me a better critical thinker. As a science student, being able to think critically is an advantage anytime and anywhere. Soctec really helped me in many ways. It changed my impression of science. At first, I was like I Just need to study Just for the sake of my grades. But now, I really know what is science all world. I really love Soctec. It changed my whole impression of science.

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Should governments use private enterprise to restructure their economies essays

Should governments use private enterprise to restructure their economies essays In the modern world, countries like Canada and the United States tend to move from the left wing to the right wing. Is this a good thing? Adam Smith's laissez-faire theory, "The Invisible Hand", explains the fact that the selfish of all individuals of a society ultimately combine to benefit all of society. People in private enterprise countries have stronger sufficiency and individual initiative, and societies have higher productivity. Alberta government is introducing Bill 11, which is based on Canada Health Act. This bill is supposed to privatize the heath care system. It would allow for-profit clinics to do minor surgeries and keep patients for extended overnight stays. It will increase our economy because the government can now use the money that is saved from it to pay their debts and for international investments. Alberta's health care funds have been numerous. They were abused on healing people who caused drunk and drive accidents, people who smoke too much, and people who do drugs. These people do not deserve any free health care. They should be responsible for themselves and pay for their own health care fees. Many people say that private for-profit health care is less efficient and more expensive than public health care. Private health care would cause people who cannot function in such a competitive environment to suffer. But think about the benefit we will have for the majority people. Isn't "majority rules" the main theory in democratic countries? Expanding private health care is the only way to cut costs and reduce waiting lists in a public system that has been stretched to the limits by federal funding cuts. A private enterprise economy creates a competitive environment. People work harder and are more initiative and productive. Let's take computer as an example. In the old day, high-tech computers were only used in military. Computers controlled all kinds of nuclear weapons, missiles, and space stations. But ever...

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Indra Nooyis Vision for PepsiCo Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Indra Nooyis Vision for PepsiCo - Assignment Example Without referent power, the leader would not be trusted or respected by subordinates and followers. Without referent power, the employees would not be motivated to work towards shifting to non-carbonated drinks and would not approve Nooyi’s strategic decisions. Nooyi has built goodwill due to his successful acquisitions of profitable bottling companies. Without referent power, the stakeholders would be frustrated with lack of advertising the core sugary and fatty cola products (Cummings and Worley 176). Â  This approach is sustainable for PepsiCo if Nooyi leaves the organization to Cabinet Member in Washington, D.C. The approach would be sustainable if she establishes clear strategic goals for PepsiCo and implements succession plans that ensure future leaders are committed to the turnaround to more healthy products and environmental potential. Some types of influences that she needs in order to wield power for her to be successful in this endeavor include influence reward influence through providing fair benefits and recognizing excellent job performance. Another influence is a personal influence on shareholders by building close working relationships and trust in the turnaround strategy. A third influence would be positional influence by ensuring subordinates stick to the timelines of implementation of the strategy. She will also need expert influence by clearly demonstrating her career track record of making profitable acquisitions and change in organizations.